May 15, 2011

[ Stars in TV drama] Hyo Jin, Gong from 'the Greatest Love'

A new Wed-Thurs drama, 'the Greatest Love'

Hyo Jin Gong, she is a real fashionista and belovd Korean actress.
She recently transformed into an idol star.

The actress reportedly practiced for hours to pull off a dance performance for her role in MBS's "The
Greatest Love", as she is playing the role of an ex-member of the idol group 'National Treasure Girls'

Pictures were also uploaded on the official homepage of "The Greatest Love", piquing the interest of many
netizens. The actress is seen wearing a white sleeveless dress which emphasizes her innocent beauty.

"The Greatest Love" is a new Wed-Thurs drama about ex-star 'Goo Ae Jung', who romances Korea's
beloved top star ;Dok Go Jin', played by Seung Won Cha.

She has an exceptional sence of style and her fashion in drama is already the talk.
Now, chic & blessed will post a series of photos about her fashion to each episode in drama.
Please pay attention to what we are writing from now on !

[ 1'st episode ]

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