January 29, 2011

[ Stars' Style ] Korean Super Model "Yoon-ju Jang"

Korean Super Model "Yoon-Ju, Jang"

She doesn't have a typical pretty face nor is as tall as other supermodels. But she is a real fashionista we love. Her height is considered small as a model but thanks to well-proportioned figure and oriental beauty, she became one of the most wanted models in Korea. She has passion in Fashion and Art and hat's the reason she looks different amongst others. She published her first book "Style", which shows girls the way to live stylish and healthy life, and without doubt it became a bestseller.

[ Stars' Style ] Hye-kyo, Song

at the showcase for publication her photo collection album, "Moment, Song Hyekyo"

we can already feel the breath of spring through her lovely flower printed trench coat.  ^___^

[ It Place ] - Garosoogil - cafe 5cijung


anchovy noodle / tuna ssambab
멸치국수 / 참치쌈밥 in Korean

[ garosoogil ] cafe 5cijung

5cijung is a gallery cafe that means a heart in which it's writing 5 poems. 
cozy place and peaceful atmosphere with a work of art.

where: 525-11, 1F Shinsa-Dong, Kangnam-Gu, Seoul
opening hour: Tue-Sat 11:00~23:30, Sun-Mon 13:00~23:30
tel: 512-6508

[ Collection ] 2011 S/S 3.1 Phillip Lim

2011 S/S Phillip Lim

"Phillip Lim", the designer C&B love, his 2011 Spring Summer collection pieces are sensational.

 Meenal Mistry in Style.com, he explained as below.

"Is that part of the skirt?"

"Well, it's a dress here, and the apron goes on top. So it's, like, is it one piece? Two pieces? Three pieces? The apron really abstracts the negative space and changes the silhouette."

That's a brief excerpt from Phillip Lim, in which he explained his puzzle-piece concept: Backless, side-less, and bottomless garments all somehow came together to form a full look. It was certainly an ambitious gambit, not easy to pull off, but it made for one of the best and most refined
3.1 collections to date.

The most important thing is that we can recognize he examine thoroughly his work of art and progress into master piece. He is great.

Source: http://www.style.com/

January 28, 2011

[ Trend ] 2011 S/S "Long and Lean"

2011 S/S Calvin Klein

2011 S/S Michael Cors

2011 S/S Celine

2011 S/S Helmut Lang

NEW TREND. Long and Lean

It's time to invest in a new hemline. With the return of ladylike dressing, three-quarter-length skirts and maxi long skirts are on the rise everywhere from Calvin Klein Collection and Michael Cors to Celine and Helmut Lang.

January 24, 2011

[ Stars in magazine ] Hye-kyo Song


Photographed by supermodel turned photographer Helena Christensen for
soon-to-be-published photo collection album <Moment, Song Hyekyo>

She travelled all around the globe for this master piece, or you can better say she was where she felt like to go and the precious moments were documented by photographers. She was photographed by Korean photographer Park Ji Hyuk in between the icebergs in Patagonia or in Buenos Aires. World renown photographer Peter Lindbergh didn't miss Hyekyo's hidden charm and drew it from her in Paris.

photographed by Peter Lindbergh

Her photo collection album is planned to being sold starting from January 28th and the profit from the sales will be donated to Childfund organization.

source: style.co.kr (Vogue Korea)

January 23, 2011

[ It Place ] - Apgujung-Dong - Gaewhaok

"amuse-bouche", steamed corn & sweet potato & garlic
옥수수, 고구마, 마늘 (ok-su-su, go-gu-ma, ma-neul) in Korean

miso noodle
된장국수 (doen-jang-kook-su) in Korean

kimchi vermicelli, so yummy
김치잔치국수 (kim-chi-jan-chi-kuk-su) in Korean

marbled beef & vegetable salad seasoned with special sauce
차돌박이구이와 야채무침 (cha-dol-bak-i & ya-che-mu-chim) in Korean

minced beef with grilled mushrooms
떡갈비와 버섯구이 (tteok-gal-bi & beo-sut-goo-i) in Korean

[ ApGuJung-Dong ] - GAEWHAOK -

The best korean traditional restaurant that we love
Zagat survey Seoul said that "miso noodle" and "marbled beef & vegetable salad seasoned with special sauce" are the best dishes in this restaurant. But, I am sure that all other dishes I have ever tried are really tasty. My friend, Joyee from Hong Kong, she said "This restaurant is clean and simple with delicious hearty food! I had very much enjoyed the meal."    

where 550-8 Hongchang BD 1F, Shinsa-Dong, Kangnam-Gu, Seoul
opening hours 24 hours open
tel 02-3444-1459

January 20, 2011

[ Stars' Style ] SNSD, wins the Grand Prize!

Today, SNSD won the Grand Prize in 20th High 1 Seoul Music Awards following last year.

source: mydaily, bntnews

[ Stars' Style ] airport style "Joong-Ki Song"

a i r p o r t   s t y l e  "Joong-Ki Song"

Rising star from hit TV drama SKKS(SungKyunKwan Scandal), Joong-Ki Song visited Singapore last December and had a fansign event at Bugis Junction. He was photographed at Incheon airport his way back to Seoul in gray hoodie and jeans.

[ Stars' Style ] airport style "Chansung" of 2PM

a i r p o r t   s t y l e  "Chansung" of 2PM

Looking sophisticated and sharp with double breasted black coat, sunglasses and military boots. 

[ Stars' Style ] airport style "Kyung Ah Song"

a i r p o r t    s t y l e   "Kyung Ah Song"

Kyung Ah Song, who was awarded this year's model from Zhejiang satelite TV in China, showing off her charismatic look at the airport. In ivory furry jacket with over-sized red boston bag and funky studded military boots, there is no doubt why she has been a top model in Korea since her debut in 1997.

source: newsen.com

[ Stars' Style ] "Max" & Yeon Hee Lee

at the showcase for the upcoming TV drama "paradise ranch"

"paradise ranch" is a romantic love story and will be broadcast this coming the end of January. A beautiful landscape of Jeju island which is known for the best sightseeing city in Korea is a background. The beginning of the drama was filmed on location in Australia and also expect original sound track from Max, TVXQ. 

January 19, 2011

[ Stars in magazine ] Lee Min Jung

Lee Min Jung became most looked for actress after she starred as Ha Jae Kyung, Jun Pyo(Lee Min Ho)'s arranged fiancee in hit Korean drama series "Boys before flowers".
Year 2010 was a busy year for her and she also got her efforts compensated by being nominated and granted 'Best New Actress' for Daejong Film Awards in Korea. She posed for online magazine Highcut.co.kr and boasted her beauty in Michael Kors dress, Christian Dior trench coat and Reem Acra wedding dress.


source: www.highcut.co.kr

[ It Place ] - Apgujung-dong - LE ALASKA


- the best BOULANGERIE -

Le Alaska is a bakery where you can find French tradition in Seoul. Le Alaska provides a comforting atmosphere where you can enjoy their bread while celebrating the relationship between the artisan and customer.

Their best selling dishes are:

Gugumon croissant KRW 6,500

Alaska homil KRW 7,500

where: 653-9 Sinsa-Dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul
opening hours:  09:00-23:00, Sundays closed
tel: 02-516-5871