July 3, 2011

[ Stars in drama ] Gong Hyo Jin's fashion in episode 8

Ae Jung is surrounded by reporters and is in panic when Dokko suddenly appears on the scene. With his wit, he manages to re-affirm his "Hero to the Rescue" image. The producers of Couple makin implore Pil Joo to eliminate Ae Jung for the sake of the show's success, leaving Pil Joo dismayed. On the other hand, Dokko starts a "innicent-pitiful" image to Ae Jung, telling her that actually, his heart isn't in a good condition. Hearing this affiright AeJung and she is deeply worried for him. As Se Ri's interest in Pil Joo grows, but Pil Joo goes ahead and confesses to Ae Jung...


  1. I love your blog and how there are outfit pictures of Gong Hyo Jin! I love her!

  2. Thank you for visiting our blog. ^____^
    We also love her fashion style. She seeks effortless chic in fashion. We've known that she always study and discuss about a fashion style of her character before she starts a drama. That's why she is one of Top Korean actress now. Anyway, We will keep posting about her fashion. Please visit us again. ^^ Thanks