July 6, 2011

[ star in Drama ] Gong Hyo Jin's fashion in episode 9

Synopsis of episode #9 :

Hearing Dokko Jin tell her that his heart no longer beats around her, Ae Jung's heart feels pain. But she still cannot just turn and walk towards Pil Joo. She honestly tells Pil Joo that she cannot accept his feelings. But, Pil Joo says: "Right now I don't want Gu Ae Jung's heart, all I want is a chance, a chance to pursue Ae Jung." He suggests they continue to do the program together. Ae Jung tries hard to open her heart to Pil Joo. Jin believes that he can go back to being the old him. It's like he wants to erase the humiliation he felt during this period, so he treats Ae Jung extra professionally. On the other hand, Pil Joo and Ae Jung continue filming Couple Making Season 3 and their popilarity rises quickly. Having always assumed that Pil Joo liked her, now Se Ri finds her MC role is gradually diminished on the program. Unable to endure this, Se Ri plots a trap that Ae Jung falls into... 


  1. I love her Chloé Triple-Buckle Flats. I wish I could find them but they're sold out! :(