January 29, 2011

[ Stars' Style ] Korean Super Model "Yoon-ju Jang"

Korean Super Model "Yoon-Ju, Jang"

She doesn't have a typical pretty face nor is as tall as other supermodels. But she is a real fashionista we love. Her height is considered small as a model but thanks to well-proportioned figure and oriental beauty, she became one of the most wanted models in Korea. She has passion in Fashion and Art and hat's the reason she looks different amongst others. She published her first book "Style", which shows girls the way to live stylish and healthy life, and without doubt it became a bestseller.


  1. I loooooooove loooove this model!!!

  2. YES.. ^^ We love her also. She has well-proportioned figure and She has passion in Fashion and Art. That's why she looks different amongst others.. We will update more photos & contents about her. Please visit again. ^^ Thanks