June 11, 2011

[ Stars' Style ] Gong Hyo Jin's fashion style - part I

Gong Hyo Jin (April 4, 1980) is a popular actress in South Korea. She first became interested in fashion design while in her teens and flew to Australia with her mother and brother to pursue that goal. She then found Australia wasn't the proper place for her to nurture those dreams and returned to South Korea. While attending school in South Korea she then started modeling and quickly expanded into acting with her debut in the 1999 horror film “Momento Mori”. Since that time, Hyo-jin has appeared in a diverse range of roles showcasing her acting talents. Now, we all know her as the fashionista as well as a good actress.
Gong Hyo Jin’s below model shoot involved very unique taste! She seems to match well with it. The outfit looks very much like her own style and her poses are varying.

Her Personal Life

Her personal life has also been frequently talked about as she first dated actor "Seung-beom Ryoo" following their work together in the 2001 SBS drama “Beautiful Days” (Hwaryeohan Shijeol) and the 2001 film "No Manners". The couple then broke up sometime in 2003, with rumors slowly sprouting out in the following years that the couple were back together again. In 2008, the couple officially announced that they were once again romantically involved.

They are awesomely stylish and also fashionista couple.


  1. omo didnt know that she was a model before she started acting.love her since biscuit, teacher and startrack candy XDDD anyway, thank you for this article, im lovin it !

  2. Thank you for visiting again. ^____^
    We also love Hyo Jin's fashion style. As you know, she has an exceptional sense of style.
    We will keep posting about her fashion in each episodes. Please visit us again. ^^ Thanks

  3. gong hyo jin is truly the best - love her style, acting skillz, and personality! thank you for sharing so many posts about her. i <3 your blog!