June 27, 2011

[ Stars in drama ] Gong Hyo Jin's fashion in episode 6


Dokko Jin takes Ae Jung with him and secretly leaves the cinema, leaving Geum P.D and scriptwriter Han speculating: already broken up with Seri? They even suspect that Dokko has a young lover, making Pil Joo very concerned over Ae Jung. Over the dating's schedule, the fellow female stars are actually fighting in the open now. When Dokko Jin arrives on the filming site, he witnessed Ae Jung's fighting spirit and actually got a little sour over it. 

June 25, 2011

[ Stars' style] TVXQ becomes Parisienne

Though they were busy preparing for two arduous days of concerts, it seems like the boys of TVXQ managed to snag themselves a few days of rest and relaxation in Paris!
Yunho and Changmin were spotted in the streets around their hotel, and paparazzi shots caught them doing simple tourist activities, such as browsing for postcards, sitting down at a streetside cafe, and strolling through the streets of Paris.
They perfectly blended with surroundings in relaxed but stylish outfit.

source: dispatch.co.kr

[ Stars' airport style ] Shin Min Ah in china

Shin Min Ah visited China on the 22nd to participate a brand cosmetics event. She is enjoying great favor in China for acting in popular drama series such as My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho and A Love to Kill. For this, a crowd of fans gathered at the airport to see her though her arrival was not published. At the airport, Shin Min Ah wore a blue and white striped shirt with a pair of white shorts. She looked beautiful even without make-up on. Shin Min Ah looked stunned by unexpected welcome but kept her smile on for her fans until she left the airport.

[ Stars in drama ] Gong Hyo Jin's fashion in episode 5

Ae Jung opens her eyes to discover that she is not at the night club.  Rather, she is stunned to realize that she is at unfamiliar place with Dokko Jin. Jin feels very embarassed, because his declaration of love towards Ae Jung was rejected outright. However, this makes Jin more determine. He talls Ae Jung that, going forward, he will use his most effective techniques to touch her heart. On the other hand, Pil Joo witnesses Ae Jung driving off with Dokko Jin, which leaves him shocked. Jin does not attend Se Ri's 10th anniversary fan meeting. The celebratory event at the amusement park is reported in the news.


June 18, 2011

[ Stars' airport style ] SNSD, Japan concert

SNSD left Gimpo International Airport on the 16 to attend the ‘Arena Tour’ in Japan. They dressed pleasantly plain, and covered their unpainted faces with caps, and big framed sun-glasses.
Yuri, Yoona, and Jessica wore black caps, and Tiffany wore a gray fedora. Seohyun, Sooyoung,Hyoyeon, and Tiffany successfully covered their unpainted faces with sun-glasses. Tiffany, and Yuri attracted attention by revealing their beautiful legs by wearing hot-pants.
Moreover, Sooyoung matched her gray tone maxi-dress with blue sneakers. Her perfect body is the envy of the world.
On the contrary, Taeyeon, and Sunny left an impression by exposing their faces without makeup. Taeyeon showed her casual look with a mint colored round T-shirt, and cropped pants, but raised a good laugh by covering her face when confronted with the reporters.

Tiffany & Yuri

Sooyoung & Seohyun






June 15, 2011

[Stars in drama ] Gong Hyo Jin's fashion in episode 4


Pil Joo's unexpested choice leaves the audience shocked. Receiving the rose given to her by Pil Joo, Ae Jung is very happy. She shows it off to Dokko Jin, who has arrived at the filming location. On the other hand, Dokko Jin finds that As Jung is constantly on his mind, this girl who makes him feel absurd. To return the pen in Ae Hwan's hands to Pil Joo, Ae Jung goes to the Oriental medicine clinic. There, Ae Jung runs into former Treasure Girl Mina.

please take a look Ae Jung (Hyo Jin)'s fashion in episode 4 :)

June 13, 2011

[ Stars' style ] SNSD in Paris

SNSD members weren't only ready for the concert by preparing their performance. They were already dressed up in 'french-chic' since they departed Incheon airport for Paris. Let's take a look how Yoona and Jessica interpreted french-chic their own way. In skinny jeans with over-sized cardigan, or in asymmetrical dress with leather jacket, girls looked fabulous!

source: www.facebook.com/smtown, NTN news

June 12, 2011

[ Stars in daily life ] Shin Min A

Shin Min A debuted as a model for KiKi Magazine and has since appeared in many CF (commercial film) advertisements, becoming one of the most in-demand CF endorsers in South Korea.

In 2009, Shin became the the first Asian celebrity to do a photoshoot with a Calvin Klein model. The spread with  Jamie Dorman was shot in Milan, Italy and published in the September 2009 issue of Elle Korea

A performing arts major at Dongguk University, Shin has also appeared in numerous K-Pop music videos, contributed her vocals to several singles and soundtracks, and has published a travel book titled Mina's French Diary.

Despite her many activities, Shin considers acting her primary vocation, starring in numerous films and TV dramas.

June 11, 2011

[ Stars' Style ] Gong Hyo Jin's fashion style - part II

Gong Hyo Jin (April 4, 1980) is a popular actress in South Korea. She first became interested in fashion design while in her teens and flew to Australia with her mother and brother to pursue that goal. She then found Australia wasn't the proper place for her to nurture those dreams and returned to South Korea. While attending school in South Korea she then started modeling and quickly expanded into acting with her debut in the 1999 horror film “Momento Mori”. Since that time, Hyo-jin has appeared in a diverse range of roles showcasing her acting talents. Now, we all know her as the fashionista as well as a good actress.
Gong Hyo Jin’s below model shoot involved very unique taste! She seems to match well with it. The outfit looks very much like her own style and her poses are varying.