July 28, 2011

[ Stars in drama ] Gong Hyo Jin's fashion in episode 12

Synopsis of episode # 12 :
The two of them are alone in Dokko's home, camping! But when the drunken manager of Dokko gave the two an understanding look, the ambiance is destroyed. It made Dokko want to cover his manager's mouth, on the other hand he wants to observe As Jung's expression. Ae Jung who feels more and more apologetic towards Pil Joo; When she hears that he called in sick to work, she went ahead and visits him. Pil Joo concidentally meets Dokko's hear surgeon, Dr.Jeong. He correctly deducted what happened to Dokko's heart. On the other hand, Ae Jung becomes a broadcaster for Section TV. 


July 26, 2011

[Stars' Style] Movie "The Frontline" VIP premier

Yoon Eun Hye, Cha Ye Ryun, Han Chae Young, Yoon Jin Seo attended the VIP premiere of "The Front Line" on July 11, 2011 in Seoul, South Korea.
Celebrities at the VIP premiere of "The Front Line"

Yoon Eun Hye

Han Chae Young

Cha Ye Ryun, Seo Ji Hye

Yoon Jin Seo

“The Front Line (Gojijeon)” is a movie about the Korean soldiers’ struggles to protect their native land for two years after the armistice ended the Korean War in June of 1951.

[C&B Story] 2011 S/S LOOK BOOK # 7 - part II -

+ Marine T

+ Paisley printed dress

+ Multi color ruffle jumpsuit

+ Black ruffle jumpsuit

+ Boyfriend shirt dress

+ Loose maxi dress

+ Loose maxi dress

+ Star studded khaki vest

+ Tropical flower blouse

+ Ethnic thong sandals

+ Ankle strap gladiator sandals

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[C&B Story] 2011 S/S LOOK BOOK # 7 - part I -

+ Ruffle trimmed sleeveless blouse

+ Tulip shaped skirt
 + Ruffle trimmed sleeveless blouse

+ Sleeveless shirt blouse

+ Asymmetric t-shirt dress

+ Bohemian batwing sleeves dress

+ Alexander flare dress

+ Pleated high-waist skirt

+ Star studded khaki vest

+ '70s flare pants
+ Fever t-shirt

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[ Stars in drama ] Gong Hyo Jin's fashion in episode 11

Synopsis of episode # 11 :
Because there are some journalists who were camped around the outside of the house Dokko Jin, which makes Ae Jung who was at home Jin from earlier could not go. Then when he saw himself Jin, which is chaotic and lost his mind and upset about Ae Jung then he went from behind and immediately run away, Ae Jung became very worried about it. Pil Joo've heard that Jin's beat manager at the appreciation ceremony in exasperation with Ae Jung, and that made him feel unhappy at that time. 


[ Stars in drama ] Gong Hyo Jin's fashion in episode 10

Synopsis of episode # 10 :
Firmly believing that his feelings towards Ae Jung was because the Treasure Girls song was played during his surgery, Jin does not understand why his heart continues to hurt so much. When Ae Jung is with Pil Joo, when Ae Jung looks at him with a cold gaze, when Ae Jung falls into another trap and is forced to leave the entertainment industry, Jin's heart still has feelings for Ae Jung. Jin continues to deny it, telling himself that he just feels pity for her. Ae Jung is faced with the looming threat, so Pil Joo has no choice but to seek out Mina, asking for her help. Mina tells Pil Joo that the Treasure Girls split up because of her. Because of Se Ri's practical joke, Mina drank the tainted drink. When she was rushed to the hospital, Mina discovered that she was pregnant. Because of this, Ae Jung took the place of a crying Mina who want to go somewhere that no one knew of her, and requested that the Treasure Girls be disbanded. All this time, Ae Jung has kept silent about Mina's pregnancy and Se Ri's practical joke, accepting all the hardship and blame. Jin, not knowing about any of this, uses his starring in Ae Jung's MV as a guarantee, which leaves Ae Jung greatly hurt.