May 25, 2011

[ star in Drama ] Gong Hyo Jin's fashion in episode 2

'The Greatest Love' - Episode 2 -

--- Synopsis ---

Ae Jung is a female band member who is already over the hill. When she enters a variety show to pretend marriage with the top star Jin, she gets entangled in a love triangle along with her ex-bandmate Kang Se Ri. Yoon Pil Joo is a doctor of oriental medicine who has no interest in the entertainment industry but meets Ae Jung by chance and falls for her.

Gong HyoJin's fashion is already the talk since drama started. She goes well with the character who is ex-star, Gu Ae Jeong. In a stylish fashion, Ae Jeong is catching the attention of viewers. She shows a variety of trendy styling using the retro mood of  this season's trend.

She completed 'Gu Ae Jeong' fashion wearing the vivid color and a couple of stripes clothes which are hot keywords in 2011 S/S season. Maxi skirts, wide pants, jumpsuits she showed are the typical retro items.

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