August 20, 2011

[ Stars in magazine ] Sung Yu Ri & Park Min Young

Sung Yuri and Park Min Young, the leading ladies of rival dramas “Romance Town” and “City Hunter“, met up in Hawaii for a lax photoshoot with ‘Sure‘ magazine.
The September issue saw Sung Yuri and Park Min Young looking quite close as they strolled down the streets of Waikiki. Sung Yuri rocked a mish-mesh of patterns that gave her a slightly androgynous look, while Park Min Young looked quite feminine with her short dresses and loose wavy hair.

A staff member on set commented, “Looking at Sung Yuri and Park Min Young side by side like this reminded me of Betty Davies and Katharine Hepburn”.

In her interview with “Sure”, Sung Yuri praised Park Min Young with, “Her genuine attitude was very nice. More than anything, she is a very polite girl with proper etiquette. After debuting, she worked hard in various fields – sitcoms, traditional dramas, and other such projects – which makes me give her respect.”

Park Min Young returned the compliments with, “In addition to her looks, Sung Yuri’s heart is like an angel’s. She is very thoughtful of others and she is also very religious.”
Since Hawaii lacks the season of autumn, the two actresses created a unique feel that stood out from the standard fall pictorials hitting other fashion magazines this month.

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