June 25, 2011

[ Stars in drama ] Gong Hyo Jin's fashion in episode 5

Ae Jung opens her eyes to discover that she is not at the night club.  Rather, she is stunned to realize that she is at unfamiliar place with Dokko Jin. Jin feels very embarassed, because his declaration of love towards Ae Jung was rejected outright. However, this makes Jin more determine. He talls Ae Jung that, going forward, he will use his most effective techniques to touch her heart. On the other hand, Pil Joo witnesses Ae Jung driving off with Dokko Jin, which leaves him shocked. Jin does not attend Se Ri's 10th anniversary fan meeting. The celebratory event at the amusement park is reported in the news.



  1. i really love her style in this ep especially when she wears the green and red jumpsuit.its effortlessly stylish ^^

  2. Yes! Exactly what we seek for~ Effortlessly stylish!