January 23, 2011

[ It Place ] - Apgujung-Dong - Gaewhaok

"amuse-bouche", steamed corn & sweet potato & garlic
옥수수, 고구마, 마늘 (ok-su-su, go-gu-ma, ma-neul) in Korean

miso noodle
된장국수 (doen-jang-kook-su) in Korean

kimchi vermicelli, so yummy
김치잔치국수 (kim-chi-jan-chi-kuk-su) in Korean

marbled beef & vegetable salad seasoned with special sauce
차돌박이구이와 야채무침 (cha-dol-bak-i & ya-che-mu-chim) in Korean

minced beef with grilled mushrooms
떡갈비와 버섯구이 (tteok-gal-bi & beo-sut-goo-i) in Korean

[ ApGuJung-Dong ] - GAEWHAOK -

The best korean traditional restaurant that we love
Zagat survey Seoul said that "miso noodle" and "marbled beef & vegetable salad seasoned with special sauce" are the best dishes in this restaurant. But, I am sure that all other dishes I have ever tried are really tasty. My friend, Joyee from Hong Kong, she said "This restaurant is clean and simple with delicious hearty food! I had very much enjoyed the meal."    

where 550-8 Hongchang BD 1F, Shinsa-Dong, Kangnam-Gu, Seoul
opening hours 24 hours open
tel 02-3444-1459

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