January 29, 2011

[ Collection ] 2011 S/S 3.1 Phillip Lim

2011 S/S Phillip Lim

"Phillip Lim", the designer C&B love, his 2011 Spring Summer collection pieces are sensational.

 Meenal Mistry in Style.com, he explained as below.

"Is that part of the skirt?"

"Well, it's a dress here, and the apron goes on top. So it's, like, is it one piece? Two pieces? Three pieces? The apron really abstracts the negative space and changes the silhouette."

That's a brief excerpt from Phillip Lim, in which he explained his puzzle-piece concept: Backless, side-less, and bottomless garments all somehow came together to form a full look. It was certainly an ambitious gambit, not easy to pull off, but it made for one of the best and most refined
3.1 collections to date.

The most important thing is that we can recognize he examine thoroughly his work of art and progress into master piece. He is great.

Source: http://www.style.com/

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